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    Air Rivals


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    Air Rivals

    Post by Lapserdak on 1st August 2009, 12:40

    New forum so i must spam something :>
    I give you link too free MMORPG Air Rivals
    Gameplay is different from Tribes ofc.
    You can chose one from 4 classes (I-Gear, B-Gear, A-gear, M-Gear)
    Every have different gameplay, I is more like interceptor, B like bomber, A like stationary rifle, M is buffer/healer can also tank a whole nation. I have I-gear lv 71 attack hybrid build in ANI nation on HELIX server. Lvling is boring after 70+. At 11 or 12 lv u chose nation BCU or ANI. Nations fight for strategic points, motherships, bases- these events are randomly in any time of day. You can also find other nation players when u travel throught maps on war channel.
    If you have any questions just ask here.
    Some links on youtube.

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