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    Can i join oV clan?



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    Can i join oV clan?

    Post by Yiddy on 22nd October 2009, 17:40

    my Tribes Vengeance name: Yiddy but i using my old name °[TUP]Pr0[BI]°

    Previous clan: TUP BI [The Ultimate Protector Belgium / Italy]

    Favorite Position: Capper,Distracter,Defender ALL 3 WITH LIGHT ARMOR

    Favorite Loadout: as Capper-Spinfusor,Grenade Launcher,Grapple-as Distracter [same as Capper]-as Defender-Sniper Rifle,Spinfusor,Chaingun or Mortar,Spinfusor,Burner or Rocketpod

    Country: Slovakia


    Xfire: I doesnt got Xfire

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    Re: Can i join oV clan?

    Post by Soker on 22nd October 2009, 18:23

    I say no , sorry .

    Close it then .

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