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    Ownage Time 2


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    Ownage Time 2

    Post by Soker on 16th September 2009, 19:35

    Ah , there i am Very Happy

    Wait , u suck Wink.


    Ballaksio , i talking about u Smile

    :> hhmmhmhm meh meh lawl :*


    AS u know , i'm making second part of my fragmovie called Ownage Time .
    All Movies Here Smile
    But I need some things for my new video .

    MUSIC! Support me in good songs for fragmovies...argh <-- most important thing.
    Secondly , i cant make the movie without..actions Smile Means frags ofc. Show me your actions (best way in avi in low quality for smaller file's weigh to send) , if i like it , u can send me your demos . Demo doesn't work? Ha , i can fix it , write to me on xfire and i'll send your MODPACK which fixs shits about problem with play demos *antics_v5* etc etc.
    What kind of actions do i want? Differents than all videos about T:V . No Mid Airs , no beauty single shots like in T:V MOST WANTED video . Title of my movie says ''ownage time'' so i want to get lots of kills in short time ,yeah that's it . Still dont u get what i mean? Watch my first ownage time , i want actions like'em: